Agreement On Social Security Between The Government Of Australia And The Government Of New Zealand

If you receive a New Zealand pension, you must recover the pension if you move permanently between Australia and New Zealand. A contracting party that imposes the restrictions in paragraph 3 informs the other party of these restrictions within one calendar month following their introduction and stops the measures described in paragraph 3 within three months of the imposition of these restrictions. If the other party is not informed in this way or if the necessary measures are not taken within the allotted time, the other party may consider that such a violation of the agreement constitutes sufficient justification to terminate or suspend the agreement between the parties. The agreement allows people entering Australia on a Special Class Visa (CVS) with a New Zealand passport to access certain social security benefits. Access to most Australian social security benefits changed from February 26, 2001. After this date, only New Zealanders who move to Australia, have a permanent visa or have Australian citizenship and reside in Australia can claim all social security payments. New Zealanders who were in Australia on February 26, 2001 were not affected by the amended regimes and there were other limited exceptions. The Department of Human Services – International Services is able to provide information on these exceptions. In addition, the purpose of the agreement is to adapt and link the portability of payments in third countries to the portability rules of Australian social security legislation.

The above agreement provides that a payment under the agreement is payable in a third country for a period of 26 weeks, whereas the Social Security Act provides that payment of care outside Australia is payable for six weeks and that the disability pension is normally payable for four weeks over a 12-month period. If a person is not entitled to a benefit under Australian social security law or under this agreement, a person is only eligible because he or she is not residing in Australia and is in Australia at the time of the entitlement to that benefit: a New Zealand benefit will continue to be paid in accordance with the temporary absence provisions under New Zealand`s social security law. If the person is residing in New Zealand at the time of departure for the third country; New Zealand and South Korea have also signed a social security agreement. This will come into effect in 2021. calculating that person`s income under the Australian Social Security Act, but in this calculation, without taking into account New Zealand`s benefits or benefits; If a person is included as an unqualified partner in your partner`s NZ Super pension or your partner`s veteran, the amount of the Australian benefit or pension is deducted from their payment, and the rest of the New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran`s pension amount will be split equally between the two of you.