Amazon Logistics Agreement

It is essentially a last-mile delivery and shipping service that receives orders from Amazon customers. Although it does the same work as commercial organizations and national postal services such as Royal Mail and USPS, it is not as large as these organizations. It`s more of a powered market, like TaskRabbit. Amazon buys a wide variety of delivery services for logistics to work – including cyclists, motorcyclists and walkers in some places. Please note that Amazon Logistics operates this website and is a subsidiary of, Inc. or their affiliates (”Amazon”). If you have a account and a cookie, the information collected by Amazon Logistics can be correlated to all personal data used by Amazon Logistics and Amazon to improve our services. Amazon`s logistics network is expanding and there will be a time when the company will no longer need external services to cope with its delivery load. This day could come sooner than later. Welcome to the Amazon Delivery Provider website., Inc. and/or its affiliates (”Amazon”) operate the website under the following terms of use (these ”site conditions”). When you visit the site, you accept these conditions of the site. Please read them carefully. In addition, if you agree to provide services on behalf of or on behalf of Amazon, you are subject to the terms of use or any other applicable agreement that governs these services (the ”agreement”). Amazon designed the logistics program more as an opportunity to invest in a promising company. So you`re ahead of Amazon DSP (Delivery Service Partner): Inpax owner Leonard Wright has been running various logistics and shipping companies since the 1990s. Inpax began delivering packages for Amazon in 2015, and Wright said the contract made up 70 percent of the company`s revenue. His company has been showing signs of increasing financial burden for some time. In recent years, Inpax has been sued by employees, lenders and even a law firm who all claim to have not been properly paid. For the delivery of many parcels, Amazon has relied on well-established logistics companies such as Inpax, with large fleets operating on several sites. But last year, the company moved to small businesses that only work from one or two delivery stations.

Often, the owners of these recent businesses have no experience in delivery or as business owners, and some rely on Amazon loans to create their new businesses. Copyright Agent Legal Department P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108-1226 Phone: (206) 266-4064 Fax: (206) 266-7010 E-mail: And last spring, Amazon informed the California owner of three suppliers that it no longer needed its services, which the owner said was dropping 875 drivers for work. When the owner, Thomas Chen, complained, he said Amazon had made an offer of $400,000 as part of a separation contract – which was later increased to $800,000 – in exchange for signing a confidentiality agreement and how to proceed. Amazon`s customers expect a consistent delivery experience and the company seems to use performance issues as an excuse to get rid of underperforming suppliers, especially in markets where its own logistics network can cope with the delivery load.